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GA788 Rapier Loom

Reconditioned Low-Speed Rapier Looms GA788

GA788 Rapier Loom

GA788 rapier loom is a kind of mini weaving loom; it is the updated model of 747 series rapier looms with many improvements. This type of shuttleless loom provides higher speed, more stable performance, and longer functional life, with a wide weaving adaptability including natural fibers like cotton, polyester, wool, linen, and chemical yarns and blended yarns.

Features of GA788 Rapier Loom

It meets the requirements of the textile weaving industry with its high unit area yield, higher fabric quality, and wider fabric adaptability; it is the most successful weaving solution for the textile industry.

It is controlled by micro-computer and equipped with automatic warp/weft stop devices and semi-automatic oil supply. The strengthened walls offer better machine stability, lower vibration, lower noise and higher density fabrics. The GA788 rapier loom machine price is on the low side so as to meet most customers’ needs.

Noteworthy points of GA788 Rapier Loom

  • Nice appearance
  • Stable performance
  • Strong structure and heavy machine body
  • Thick upper girders with inclined support
  • Solid square steel tube central and lower girders
  • Low noise
  • Long endurance
  • Easy maintenance
  • Continuous take-up mechanism optional
  • Double fabric pressing rollers optional
  • Square/round gearbox optional
  • Tuck in device optional
  • Cross front support

Technical Specifications of GA788 Rapier Loom

Width 1800mm-3600mm
Operation speed 120-215rpm
Weft density 10~47picks/cm
Take up mechanical take-up, beam diameter φ600mm
Letoff mechanical let-off, beam diameter φ300mm or φ400mm
Shedding GT221 inhead type mechanical dobby or electronic dobby, 20 heald frames at most
Color selector 4~6 colors
Selvage Left, right and central tuck in device optional
Maindrive 1.5kw
Automatic functions automatic warp stop, automatic weft stop
Electronic control micro-computer control, LCD display of working statistics data

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