Reconditioned Air Jet Looms

Refurbished Chinese Air jet Looms

Reconditioned Air Jet Looms

Excellent Condition, reconditioned Airjet looms with plain weave, dobby or jacquard. . Different brand machines in various widths available in ready stock.

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We can provide many brands of air jet looms refurbished from second hand. The reconditioned air jet loom price is very competitive compared with new machines. The looms can be modified to different configurations based on customers choice and fabric manufacturing requirements. Our reconditioned looms are guaranteed just like new machines with one year warranty for the main machine and three months for vulnerable parts.

The reconditioned looms come with all most all new parts and completely reassembled after careful inspection. Thus providing new like performance for years to come. Additional parts, attachments, and modification can be accepted. The looms can be fitted with new or refurbished electronic dobby or jacquard.



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Technical Parameters for Chinese Reconditioned Air Jet Looms

Width 190cm, 230 cm, 280 cm etc
Speed 190cm–1000rpm
Dobby Cam shedding or electronic dobby
Weft selector Electronic weft selector 2, 4, 6 colors
Weft feeder 2 pcs
Heald frame 8~16 frames
Warp beam 1.5 sets
Cloth roller 1.5 sets
Heald wire 5000 pcs
Drop pin 5000 pcs

Introduction To Chinese High Speed Rapier Looms

The Chinese reconditioned airjet looms may be compared at par with second hand European and Japanese airjet looms. Used looms are reassembled after through and strict inspection and refurbished to perform like new machines. the productive lifetime of the machine is extended and the customer may enjoy long and maintenance free use of the looms.

Features of Chinese Reconditioned Air Jet Looms

New weft insertion, new frame structure, and high-speed CPU ensure the maximum running speed of 1200RPM. New weft insertion and energy saving design of main & auxiliary nozzle realize less air consumption. Using 3D design and computer analysis to optimize the frame structure including the cross rail connections, and to realize light-weight design and optimum balance of the beating motion. These improvements ensure lower vibration and high stability during high-speed operation.

A wide range of standard configuration and a variety of optional parts have enabled the loom to weave fabrics that are mostly woven by rapier looms, including wide home furnishings fabric, tyre cord fabric, fiberglass fabric, fabrics of different yarn types and counts, airbags, seersucker and folding edge fabrics.

Relatively lower machine, inhead type temple is both beneficial for the operation; The loom is also equipped with Internet communication technologies, multi-functional control panel with advanced high-speed CPU.

Advantages of Chinese Reconditioned Air Jet Looms

  • High speed.
  • Low Energy Consumption.
  • Low Noise.
  • Low vibration.
  • Flexibility and wide applicability.
  • Easy operation & Modern Electronics

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