Reconditioned Low Speed Rapier Looms

Reconditioned low speed rapier looms with dobby, jacquard or just plain weave. 

Reconditioned Low Speed Rapier Looms

Cheap reconditioned low speed rapier looms with dobby, jacquard or just plain weave motion. GA 788 Chinese reconditioned Rapier looms.

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Reconditioned Low-Speed Rapier Looms

We offer small weaving looms model like GA747, GA736, GA788 and other models our customers can name at a competitive price. The rapier looms are well refurbished and widely recognized by customers in ASEAN countries. Our products are specially priced to meet the demands and requirements of small and new enterprises who are tight on budget and low on capital. The rapier looms are priced lower than highspeed Chinese rapier looms and are very much suitable for special purposes like mono-filament fabrics and certain lightweight fabrics, terry towel weaving, jute bag weaving, carpet weaving, bag fabric weaving. shirting fabric weavingetc., the rapier looms can be readily used for plain fabric weaving or with mechanical or electronic dobby and mechanical or electronic jacquard. We also provide used reconditioned dobby and used reconditioned jacquard.

Our reconditioned low-speed rapier looms are about 5 to 7 years old and are in very good conditions and have a life expectancy of 10 years after reconditioning. These reconditioned low-speed rapier looms are most suitable for developing countries and new factories which are having tight capital availability.

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Technical Parameters for reconditioned low speed rapier looms

Width 190cm, 230cm, 280cm and etc
Speed 120~215rpm
Body frame Renewed strengthened body frame
Dobby Renewed, mechanical or electronic dobby
Weft selector New, 4~6 colors
Weft feeder New, 2~4 pcs, small or big
Heald frame New,12~20 frames
Warp beam New, 600MM, 2 sets
Cloth roller New, 2sets
Heald wire New, 5000~10000 pcs
Drop pin New, 5000~10000 pcs
Electrical box New, circuit board and panel

Introduction to GA 788 Rapier Looms

GA788 rapier loom is a basic rapier shuttle less loom; it is the updated model of 747 series rapier looms with many improvements. This type of shuttleless loom provides higher speed, more stable performance and longer functional life, with a wide weaving adaptability including natural fibers like cotton, polyester, wool, linen, and chemical yarns and blended yarns.

Remarkable features of GA 788 Shuttleless looms

GA788 series of rapier looms are designed based on GA747 series Chinese rapier looms. The loom has a strong body with thick wall frames, and 3 robust square griders. The crankshaft and the central shaft are strengthened to provide higher speed and more stable performance. Bearing system on the shafts provides smooth working and requires much less maintenance. Double pressing roller system provides a strong hold of fabric and non-stop unloading of woven fabrics. The toolkit is conveniently located on the left side of the loom and gives comfortable working for the weaver.  Continuous take-up mechanism is configured for the weaving of better and higher density fabrics.

The fully computerized LCD Display control panel is the most suitable device to provide an easy human-machine interface. The loom is equipped with automatic warp/weft stop devices and semi-automatic oil supply. The strengthened walls offer better machine stability, lower vibration, lower noise and higher density fabrics.

the loom is very versatile and adaptable and Electronic jacquard or electronic dobby or tappet cam can be fixed as an optional Shedding mechanism.

It meets the requirements of the textile weaving industry with its high unit area yield, higher fabric quality, and wider fabric adaptability; it is the most successful low-cost weaving solution for the textile industry.

Advantages of GA 788 Rapier Looms

  • Nice appearance
  • Stable performance
  • Strong structure and heavy machine body
  • Thick upper girders with inclined support
  • Solid square steel tube central and lower girders
  • Low noise
  • Long endurance
  • Easy maintenance
  • Continuous take-up mechanism optional
  • Double fabric pressing rollers optional
  • Square/round gearbox optional
  • Tuck in device optional
  • Cross front support

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